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2D Game/Marketing Artist

February 2022

We’re looking for a talented artist with lots of ideas to help us with marketing and game art. Strong 2D and design skills are a must. Video editing skills are a big bonus and 3D skills can never hurt. 

You are expected to come up with and execute fresh (even crazy) ideas on a daily basis. This also includes both in-game and marketing graphics such as sales, events, shops, items and etc. 

You will be taking part in deciding which direction the game will develop and have a lot of autonomy on your own work. 

We are all professionals that thrive in an environment of trust and openness. We do not believe in policies and rules. We believe in together finding smart ways to solve very hard problems. We craft our games with a passion to deliver fun that lasts for years. If this way of making and marketing games rings true to you, you might be the person we’re looking for.


You need to have:

  • Strong 2D/ graphic design skills

  • Knowledge of Video-Editing tools and techniques such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, etc. is a big plus

  • Be a true team player with strong communication skills (English is a must, others are plus)

  • Have a passion for mobile F2P games

  • Drive to improve your craft and the game based on feedback from players and data.

  • Experience with mobile marketing creative​s is big plus



  • Create art and assets for Store, UA creatives, in-game shop, visual branding of the games, and the company

  • Take part in marketing discussions and planning of next steps

  • Work with multiple external partners to create a large number of creative assets for marketing and UA.

  • Research, create, test, and iterate on creatives and their messaging.

About Playsome


We believe that team fit is paramount and with the right mix of experience, a spark of youth, and openness we get the best results. 

We build the smallest possible team(s) that embraces autonomy and involves everyone in problem-solving. We fail fast, celebrate the effort, and learn from the results. 

We are devoted Free-To-Play lovers. We spend time and money on games. Then we analyze, talk and learn.


To work with us you need to love the games we make so before you contact us, make sure you play our amazing game: that is available on iOS and Android.

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