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Game Programmer

March 2021

We’re looking for a Game Programmer to join us. In addition to coding features you are expected to take part in deciding what goes into an update and why. We encourage everyone to take full responsibility for their own work and be proud of the quality shipped. With us you will not be told what to do, rather you will be involved in figuring out and choosing the most important next steps.


With our small team you get to work on all areas of the game. You should boldly take on new challenges when it comes to working on features and be able to put yourself outside your comfort zone. Don't shy away from the server-side features either. The more we share responsibilities and knowledge, the stronger we are as a team.


We are all professionals that thrive in an environment of trust and openness. We do not believe in policies and rigid processes. We believe in together finding smart, simple ways to solve very hard problems. We craft our games with a burning passion to deliver fun that lasts for years. If this way of making games rings true to you, you might be the person we're looking for.



  • Work on all areas of the game: game logic, user interface, tools, visuals, AI and server features

  • Take part in both game and tech design discussions and planning of next steps

  • Writing robust code that can be understood and extended by others, and runs without hick-ups on high server load

  • Independently create new game systems from scratch with designers

  • Be ready to document and write tests when needed


  • Strong knowledge of different game technology areas

  • Strong, professional experience using C# and Unity

  • Desire to learn new things, and an ability to quickly grasp existing codebase

  • Burning passion for mobile games

  • Bonus from: content/data driven systems, Free-to-Play model, mobile games with server backend, game design

  • Be a true team player


About Playsome


We believe that team fit is paramount and with the right mix of experience, spark of youth and openness we get the best results. 

We build the smallest possible team(s) that embraces autonomy and involves everyone in problem solving. We fail fast, celebrate the effort and learn from the results. 

We are devoted Free-To-Play lovers. We spend time and money on games. Then we analyse, talk and learn.


To work with us you need to love the games we make so before you contact us make sure you play our amazing game: that is available on iOS and Android.

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