big games with a small team

About Playsome

We are building a small team of veteran game makers properly mixed with talented youth.

We create deep and engaging gameplay wrapped in wondrous clothes.

Our first game is in the pipe and it will be launched "when players tell us it is ready"(tm)

Our team


We're searching for brilliant team players who are willing to take on and learn new things all the time. Comfort-zone is something we want to stay out of!

We need self starting people who love free-to-play games. People who do not care about personal titles and achievement and instead are motivated by the results of a focused team effort.


Junior User Acquisition specialist aka. "Player Charmer - lvl 1"

  • A new star in the making. You could have a degree in business, finance or maybe in accounting. Or you might just be fascinated by numbers and how they could be turned into profit?
    • Passion for learning the traits of player attraction: Tools, Analytics, Marketing, Community, you name it!
    • You might posses these traits: self starting, habitually positive and friend-making
    • You just can't stop playing mobile games

Senior Game Programmer aka. "Code warrior - lvl 5-10"

  • Versatile game programming talent. Comfortable in touching both the Back- and the Front-end of the game. Always wanting to learn more and grow
    • Unity master
    • Mobile f2p game architecture journeyman

Senior Product Manager aka. "Live Game Samurai - lvl 5-10"

  • Numbers based analytical thinker with genuine desire to please the customer
    • Grand master of free-to-play and a hobbyist big spender in other games
    • Product management master
    • Journeyman of running a live game service

Game Art wizard - lvl 10 --[ FOUND A PERFECT FIT ]--

Apply by sending us email to

// Dual-class characters are very highly appreciated!

// So if you are eg. lvl 5 code warrior / lvl 3 Game design rogue, we would definitely want to get to know you better! :)


We believe that team fit is paramount and with right mix of youth + dinosaurs + brutal honesty we get big results

We build the smallest possible team that embraces autonomy and involves everyone in problem solving.

We fail fast, celebrate the effort and learn from the results.

We are devoted F2P lovers. We spend time and money in games. Then we analyse, talk and learn.