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Marketing Lead


Playsome seeks a seasoned mobile game Marketing expert to join our team, leading through hands-on example to drive business growth. The ideal candidate boasts a track record of ROI-positive growth and expertise in UA/Performance Marketing.


You will not be told what to do, rather you will be leading the effort in figuring out the most important next steps. We are here to grow and nurture our games together. 


We are all professionals that thrive in an environment of trust and openness. We do not believe in policies and processes. We believe in together finding smart ways to solve very hard problems. We craft our games with a burning passion to deliver fun that lasts for years. 


If this way of creating products rings true to you, you might be the person we're looking for.



  • Establish and lead our in-house capability to drive profitable business growth.

  • Develop a well-defined marketing strategy, setting clear goals and KPIs for execution.

  • Collaborate with agency partners to efficiently manage and organize creative production.

  • Conduct thorough analysis of campaign performance, utilizing insights for continuous performance improvement and audience expansion.

  • Cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the game and business, encompassing existing features, product roadmap, and live operations.

  • Take ownership of Marketing stakeholder and partner relationships, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.


  • 6+ years of B2C marketing experience, preferably in games, entertainment, or e-commerce.

  • Possess a growth mindset, embracing creative problem-solving, innovation, and risk-taking.

  • Strong strategic and leadership abilities, complemented by a willingness to be hands-on in campaign execution.

  • Results-oriented with a sharp focus on KPIs.

  • Proven track record in managing large-scale global marketing campaigns within cross-functional teams.

  • Experience across multiple marketing functions (e.g., branding, performance, influencers, community, social media, ASO, ad creative).

  • Passion for Free-To-Play games and a genuine love for RPG games.


At Playsome, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our employees, understanding that each individual has their own ideal work-life balance. We firmly believe that when our team members are content and genuinely enjoy crafting games, their passion and dedication shine through in the games we create. As a result, our players recognize the love and effort we invest in our products, rewarding us with their time, attention, and financial support.


To put this philosophy into action, we offer a range of benefits and compensation options tailored to empower our employees:


Flexible Work Arrangements: We understand that work preferences vary, so we provide flexibility in terms of working hours and location. You can choose to work remotely or come to the office, depending on what suits you best.


Vacation Flexibility: We prioritize your well-being and recognize that vacations are needed when you need them, not when a schedule dictates. Our policy allows you to take time off when it's most convenient for you.


Comprehensive "Tax-Free" Benefits: We provide a full suite of tax-free benefits that we are legally permitted to offer to all our employees, ensuring your financial stability and peace of mind.


E-Bike Benefit: As an extra perk, we also offer an e-bike benefit to liven your commuting experience and promote eco-friendly transportation.


Healthcare: We’ve got the best possible health insurance for our people. When we’re healthy, the company is healthy.

About Playsome


We believe that team fit is paramount and with the right mix of experience and openness we get the best results.

We build the smallest possible team(s) that embraces autonomy and involves everyone in problem solving. We fail fast, celebrate the effort and learn.

We are devoted Free-To-Play lovers. We spend time and money on games. Then we analyse, talk and learn.


You might just love it here!

If you're interested in joining our team, it's essential to have a genuine passion for the games we create. Before reaching out to us, we kindly ask that you experience our fantastic firstborn game, which is available on iOS and Android at

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